Are you looking forward to making a fruitful addition to your bathroom to enhance its look as well as its functionality of it? If yes, investing in a heated towel rail can be an excellent addition. Although there are several offline and online providers of top-quality hotel towel rails, DANIK Homeware Limited has attained a remarkable position to provide the same in a unique variety and at the most competitive rates. Before investing in any specific heated towel rail design, such as a vertical one, it is essential to understand your bathroom style and analyse the accessories that will work best for the setup. 

Why DANIK Homeware?

  • DANIK Homeware Limited is a trusted provider of heated towel rails because it is dedicated to providing its valued customers with top quality and affordable designer bathroom ware sourced directly from the manufacturers. The provider has been serving in the domain since 2001. Since its inception, the provider has been focussing on creating unique bathroom ware in diverse styles to suit the specific needs of its varied patrons.
  • Another significant reason to choose DANIK Homeware to avail of a vertical heated towel rail is that it is a trusted expert bathroom ware supplier in Auckland. Owing to its expertise, the provider is witnessing a huge rise in the number of individuals and businesses it addresses. The provider offers a wide range of products, including bathroom ware and furnishing mirrors.


  • With top designers’ assistance, DANIK Homeware is dedicated to providing beautiful bathroom ware products and making these available directly to the customer. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, which is why it brings a trusted variety of heated towel rails at the most competitive prices with an assurance of getting the best quality.


Reasons to invest in a vertical heated towel rail:

If you are unable to decide whether to invest in a heated towel rail or not, here are specific significant reasons why you must make this investment:

  • No unpleasant dampness:

One of the biggest reasons to bring home a good quality heated towel rail is that it is a perfect solution to the common issue of hand towels being damp after every use. Especially if you are someone residing in a place with high moisture content, then air drying the towel is out of the question. Here, a vertical heated towel rail can act as a lifesaver. The equipment will not only help to keep the towel dry but will also eliminate chances of unwanted bacteria growth.


  • Better hygiene:

The second big reason to invest in a heated towel rail is that it encourages better hygiene for all the members using the towel. You must’ve noticed how hanging wet towels in the moist bathroom ambience invites a musty, unpleasant odour that can result in certain infections and illnesses. So, think no longer about bringing home a good-quality heated towel rail.


  • Aesthetically pleasing:

Invest in a vertical heated towel rail to upgrade your bath area. Key reasons to invest in a heated towel rail are that these are a highly versatile, stylish, innovative technology that makes room for a hygienic and bacteria-free space.

Visit DAINIK Homeware Limited Now!

End your search for the best quality heated towel rail by visiting DAINIK Homeware Limited. The provider promises to greet you with an incredible range of bathroom ware to make your space stand out.

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