If you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom then a bathroom vanity is the best option. The best way to add a touch of modernity to your bath space is by adding a stylish bathroom vanity on your bath space. They are not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional as they have a combination of a sink, mirror and a countertop. This type of vanity will definitely add a unique twist to the overall decor of your bath space. You can also play with the theme of your bathroom vanity. Make it look rustic, modern, or natural; it all depends on your preference and taste. If you do not wish to spend much on these vanities then you can also choose cheap bathroom vanities in NZ by contacting Danik Batroomware. They are one of the top-notch providers of quality bathroom vanities and bath accessories. 

What is a bathroom vanity and why is it widely demanded? 

A bathroom vanity unit is a type of bathroom furniture item that is widely in demand by many house owners. Those who want to add a touch of elegance to their bath space want to have a bathroom vanity of good quality. As it features everything right from sink, mirror to lights, counterto, and additional space for keeping essentials, a vanity unit is widely installed. Vanities are a lot more than just features. Several modern vanities have a lot of unique features like fancy lights, architectural details, in-built shelves for extra storage, and many more. Get a wide range of amazing bathroom vanities in Auckland by searching on Danik Bathroomware. The amazing features and excellent functionality of these bathroom vanities make them a superb addition in any bath space. Also, you will get these vanities in different materials too. Let’s check out the wide range available at Danik Bathroomware. 

Types of bathroom vanities available at Danik Bathroomware 

Danik Bathroomware is involved in offering a wide array of premium-grade wood bathroom vanity units made using genuine wood like plywood, oak, and more. The quality of the wood is excellent and it is free from any sort of damage and termite attack. Furthermore, these vanities are attached with ceramic countertop to add a classy touch to its appearance. The range of vanities available at Danik Bathroomware involves: 

  1. Floor standing vanity: This type of vanity is available along with ceramic countertop and waterproof and moisture proof cabinets. The types available are floor standing vanity two drawers with ceramic top, floor standing white cabinet with ceramic top, and more. 
  1. Hampton Vanity Floor: This freestanding vanity unit is completely assembled and available with thin white ceramic top. It is available in different dimensions to suit every bathroom’s purpose. 
  1. Plywood oak vanity: The impressive natural wood grain material of this vanity is its unique feature. The designing, quality, and functionality all makes this vanity a must have in your bath space. Check out the range of the plywood oak standing vanity and get the best bathroom vanities in Auckland from Danik Bathroomware. 

Apart from the mentioned above, there is a huge range of vanities available at Danik Bathroomware. Browse the website today to get cheap bathroom vanities in NZ today! 

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