One of the most essential rooms in the house to design is the bathroom. A bath space is used to be solely about function, but nowadays it is far more about aesthetics mingled with functionality. With an appearance that may take you to an exotic day spa or upscale hotel, these days a bath space is designed with a modern touch. Here are 4 cheap bathroom vanities in NZ to suit diverse personalities because the vanity is a crucial focal point and can dictate the design of the entire space.

4 most cheap bathroom vanities NZ designs you can readily afford

If you are looking for cheap bathroom vanities, then here is how you can improve the look of your bathroom: 

  1. Modern opulence

One of the most popular designs that require cheap bathroom vanities in NZ is modern opulence. Modern industrial bathroom designs are popular for a reason; the adaptable colour scheme complements a variety of architectural styles, and the materials are durable (besides, the reference to masculinity makes this a couple-friendly option). By combining various raw elements, such as concrete, wood, glass, and metallics, this look works well with square or rectangular vanities in grey, greige, or woodgrain paired with brass or other metal tapware that has an aged patina.

  1. Eclectic natural

Looking for a design that is durable and requires cheap bathroom vanities in NZ that you can afford?  Transform your bathroom from a mess to a sanctuary by using a serene, nature-inspired design. With the addition of a modern wood vanity with apparent woodgrain and chrome tapware, which is topped with a vessel basin evoking a log cabin in the woods, white space is made cosier and more textured. Put storage trays in drawers and baskets or bins within cabinets to keep everything organised. If you want to add a surreal effect, use black accents instead.

  1. Edgy drama

Do you like dramatic interior design? So, there’s no need for a dull bathroom, right? By combining contemporary materials, textures, and shapes, contrast is created. Plan a colour scheme that connects the materials in order to produce a harmonious contrast rather than a confusing clash when opting for designs for bathroom vanities in Auckland. Choosing a black, white and gold colour scheme, for instance, may result in black and white checkered tiles, which includes a white freestanding bath, a white vanity with a black vessel sink on top, and gold tapware used throughout. 

  1. Plain and simple

Even if there are many innovative and self-assured interior designs available, there are still countless all-white interior fans. If you fall into this category, selecting the proper textures and finishes is essential to making your bathroom feel soothing rather than clinical. Less sheen and more matte finishes are recommended. White vanities are incredibly practical, easy to clean, and forgiving, but certain white furniture pieces show every mark. Despite the fact that white vanities fundamentally have a similar colour, look for unique features to match your interiors. 

If you are looking for the perfect design for your bathroom vanities in Auckland, then you can choose from these. It will improve the décor of your bathroom and make it user-friendly. 

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