Technology and innovation have wonderfully embraced all products and services, and bathroom ware is not left alone. You can witness a dramatic change in the technologies and electrical equipment used to enhance bathrooms’ functionality in modern homes. One of the most exciting innovations is a frameless showerTwo of the most common materials used in making frameless showers are low iron, also known as clear glass, and frosted privacy glass. A buyer can decide on the one as per their taste and bathroom structure. 

If you are also considering installing a frameless shower for your bathroom, then there are specific helpful tips to choose the perfect one.

  • Consider the size of your bathroom:

The primary factor you must consider to decide on the perfect frameless shower design is the structure and the size of your bathroom. Always remember that the frameless showers are ideal for smaller bathrooms as this help to create an incredible illusion of space. However, even if you have a larger bathroom, you can still enjoy the comfort of installing and using a frameless shower with multiple panels. Additionally, you can even get one customised to suit your space requirement. 


  • Analyse your budget:

The estimated budget is the next factor to consider while looking for a perfect frameless shower for your bathroom. Investing in a frameless shower can be expensive, so budget planning is essential. Specific attributes that affect the cost of a frameless shower include size, design, and materials used. Hence, the final decision is entirely in your hands whether you wish to go for a basic frameless shower or one with a more luxurious design.


  • Pay attention to the glass thickness:

The thickness of the glass used in making your frameless shower is also an essential factor you must consider when deciding. Always remember that the thicker the glass, the more durable it will be and impart better insulation. Opting for thicker glass will be a more expensive alternative. The standard last thickness for a frameless shower is 3/8 inch, but you can request thicker glass as per your choice.


  • Know the glass type that you require:

Once you decide on the glass thickness you need, you must also be clear about the type of glass you require. Clear glass is trending as it creates a more spacious feel. However, if you want more privacy, you can go for the textured ones. In addition, several colour options are available, including bronze, blue and grey. So, make a selection that gels well with your bathroom decor.


  • Do not ignore the hardware:

The hardware of a frameless shower is also a significant factor that one needs to see. Always remember that the hardware is not just the material that holds the glass panels in place but also a critical element that impacts the overall shower design. Moreover, every buyer is provided with ample choices to choose from where you can choose between oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed nickel etc. Hence, you must consider the design of your bathroom and then select hardware to complement the same in the best manner.

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