A Hamptons style bathroom with an mirror

The Hamptons style bathroom has become increasingly popular in contemporary design thanks to its elegant and beachy aesthetic. Creating the Hamptons look is all about mixing modern design elements with the classic. The goal is to design a space that is sophisticated, yet casual.

Follow our bathroom design tips to achieve the look.

Bring in Neutral Colours

The most effective way to achieve the Hamptons look is to bring in neutral colours, like white and grey. Think grey floors and walls, white cabinets, and freestanding white bathtubs. Neutral colours create an elegant yet warm appearance that is key to the Hamptons aesthetic. Adding small touches of black throughout the space will help to balance out the lighter colours, and this can be achieved with black tapware, black drawer knobs, black towel rails, or a black framed mirror.

Make the Most of Natural Materials

Natural materials such as timber and stone are well-suited to Hamptons style bathrooms, as they pair well with neutral colours and have an earthy feel. These materials can be incorporated in the flooring, tapware, the walls, or your choice of bathtub. Marble tiles are a popular flooring choice in contemporary Hampton homes due to its luxurious and bright look. In terms of tapware, look for traditional materials such as chrome and nickel to help complete the Hamptons aesthetic.

Invest in a Hamptons Vanity

As the Hamptons style has become more popular, bathroomware designers have created plenty of options to meet demand. Hamptons bathroom vanity units have a modern, yet classic look that will bring effortless style to your bathroom. They are usually floor-standing, painted white, and made of wood and ceramic. If you need to save space in your bathroom, a wall-hung vanity is a great alternative. Wall-hung vanities help to create airy, open spaces that are important for the Hamptons style too.

Create Ambience with Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference to the feel and ambience of a space. Sconce lights and backlit LED mirrors work well in Hamptons-style bathrooms because of their warm and soft glow. These unique lighting options are very visually appealing and will make a statement in any type of space.

Accessorise with Small Details

If you’re on a budget, there are lots of simple ways to create a Hamptons aesthetic without breaking the bank. Adding in a few simple bathroom accessories – decadent bath towels, candles, woven baskets, and lotion displays – will do wonders to enhance your bathroom. You can complete the look with a small pot plant or simple vase, which will add a pop of colour to the space.

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