Wooden wall-hung bathroom vanity unit

Can’t decide which type of bathroom vanity unit is right for you? Wall-hung vanities and floor-standing vanities both have their own unique benefits. Here, we break down the advantages of the types of bathroom vanities to make the decision easier.

Advantages of Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanities

Wall-hung vanities are raised from the floor and installed against the wall. They have become increasingly popular in households around the world due to their unique aesthetic appeal.

     A Sleek Style

Looking for a bathroom vanity that will make a statement and impress your guests? Wall-hung bathroom vanity units have a sleek style that is well suited to modern bathroom designs. They generally have a more streamlined and minimalistic look than floor-standing options, and pair well with neutral colours, modern furnishings, and linear surfaces.

     Maximise Your Bathroom Space

If your bathroom is quite small, a wall-hung vanity may be the way to go. Wall-hung vanities are installed against the wall, allowing you to show off more floor space. This sense of openness will make the bathroom appear larger than it is.

Advantages of Floor-Standing Vanities

Floor standing bathroom vanities are generally larger than wall-hung options and take up more floor space, but they have many great advantages that can improve the functionality of your bathroom.

     Timeless Appeal

If you’re looking for a timeless option instead of a trendy one, a floor standing vanity is a solid choice. Floor-standing vanities have long been used in both traditional and contemporary settings, as they have a classic look that will never go out of style. Floor-standing vanities are available in a full range of materials and are well-suited to almost any type of space.

     Cover Up Plumbing Fixtures & Flaws

Installing a floor standing vanity is a great way to cover up the flaws of your bathroom. Since the vanity is fixed on the floor, it will hide unattractive plumbing fixtures and pipes – and means there is less floor space to clean!

     More Storage Space

If you’re in need of more storage space in your bathroom, a floor standing vanity is the ideal solution. Floor-standing options usually provide more storage space than wall-hung options, since they are larger in size. This means you can store all your bathroom supplies inside your unit – and keep the rest of the bathroom neat and tidy.

Find Beautiful Bathroom Vanities at Danik Bathroomware

No matter which vanity you choose, you can find it here at Danik Bathroomware. We have all types of bathroom vanities for sale, including wall-hung and floor-standing options. Shop online today or get in touch with our friendly team for more information. We can help you find the perfect vanity for your space.

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