Enhancing the appeal of your bath space is one of the most important tasks as this is the place where you spend a lot of personal time. So, your bathroom deserves an impressive makeover with the addition of an LED mirror in it. As the name suggests, an LED mirror is the one that features a light source, which illuminates on a single touch. It adds a vibrancy in your bath space and a touch of elegance above your bathroom countertop. If you are looking for an impressive range of LED bathroom mirrors in NZ, then get in touch with Danik Bathroom. Let’s read about some of the amazing benefits of including an LED mirror in your bath space. 

Major benefits of mirror with LED lights

Your modern bathroom needs everything stylish and unique. One such accessory is an LED bathroom mirror. You can create a perfect backdrop that will brighten your modern bath space with a range of premium mirrors by Danik Bathroomware. Some other benefits of these mirrors are: 

  1. Saves Energy: LED mirrors help in saving around 90% energy in comparison to the standard bulbs. This means reduced electricity bills too. Also, there will be no wastage of energy and maximum saving of the environment. 
  1. Excellent Aesthetics: They look absolutely great after installation. At Danik Bathroomware, we offer a LED demister mirror, which is a combination of fashion and function, a makeup mirror with lights for a vintage feel, and a soft backlit LED mirror for a simple and subtle look. You will get a lot of options when it comes to the size and shape of the LED mirrors. 
  1. Better Visibility: These LED mirrors have better visibility in comparison to their traditional counterparts. They offer a clear view to the user. Also, they last longer than various other lighting options. Finally, they require less maintenance and save money. 
  1. Affordable & Easy to Install: These mirrors are highly affordable too. Additionally, you can easily install them by simply plugging them into an outlet and connecting them to a switch. If you are looking for sucg LED bathroom mirrors in NZ then get them from Danik Bathroomware only. 
  1. Save Money & Energy: As these mirrors make use of LED, you will be able to save a good amount of money and energy in comparison to the traditional ones. Thus, you don’t have to worry about more electricity bills by adding such an exclusive piece of mirror at your home. 
  1. Create more space: Mirror with LED lights offers a natural trick of making you believe that there is more space in the room. This is because it reflects the walls back at the looker. The bigger the mirror is, the bigger will be the illusion of space. So, with an LED mirror, a small bathroom can look spacious. 


Whatever style and type you want, Danik Bathroomware has a huge range to offer. Browse through our collection and get the best LED bathroom mirror in NZ at the most affordable price. 

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